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D-AAEC first pic in the database - ex Thai HS-TEL during P2F conversion in basic Star Alliance cls. (mehr von D-AAEC)
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PK-LFL was destined for Nordwind (like sistership PK-LFQ already fully painted) but not taken up - to the left a 767-200 of Syrian startup Fly Aman (ex VP-BAU) (mehr von PK-LFL)
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G-BYGC As part of their centenary year celebrations, BA have decided to paint three B747's, first one is the famous BOAC colours, seen here holding short of runway 28 after painting by IAC at Dublin. (mehr von G-BYGC)
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N894BA The two future Air Force One jumbos getting some work done at VCV (mehr von N894BA)
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D-ASTW After Germania filed for insolvency on February, 6st 2019 three a/c were parked on a remote corner at the northern part of DUS. From left to right: D-ASTW, D-ASTV, D-ASTT Shot taken right before sunset. (mehr von D-ASTW)
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D-AIRY new/updated "Hier kommt die Maus" sticker... (mehr von D-AIRY)
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View of the ramp with five MAX 8. (OK-SWC, EI-FYA, SE-RTA, SE-RTC and PH-TFN)
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9V-SVJ The new arrivals at VCV, led by ex-9V-SVJ, now N940BC (mehr von 9V-SVJ)
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CS-TQY Taken with 18mm! What a feeling. Seen here on its way to Manchester with FC Schalke 04 onboard. (mehr von CS-TQY)
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F-WWSH Performing testflight AIB262C. Will be JA381A. (mehr von F-WWSH)
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EP-SIF ready for its flight back to IKA. Big highlight for me just as YA-CAV of Ariana Afghan Airlines in the backdrop! (mehr von EP-SIF)
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LZ-LCO Crashed in dense fog into mountains approaching Khorramabad, Iran, on February 21,2002 as EP-MBS flying for Iran Air Tours. Sad end. My deep compassion for the victims and their dependants. (mehr von LZ-LCO)
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