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HS-VKC Strike a pose, permission from the ladies (mehr von HS-VKC)
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C-FKBX inflight over Fenristunga Glacier, Antarctica (mehr von C-FKBX)
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D-ASTW After Germania filed for insolvency on February, 6st 2019 three a/c were parked on a remote corner at the northern part of DUS. From left to right: D-ASTW, D-ASTV, D-ASTT Shot taken right before sunset. (mehr von D-ASTW)
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D-AHLB scanned - Running out of fuel because they couldn`t retract landing gear after departure out of Chania, Greece. Destination should have been Hannover, Germany but unfortunately they crashed few meters away from RWY34 at Vienna, Austria (mehr von D-AHLB)
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HS-TGO Permission from the lady for this nice photo! (mehr von HS-TGO)
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D-ASTA The two Germania aircraft based at ERF after the airline filed for bankruptcy. D-ASTS in the backdrop was just delivered on February 1st. Some crews based in ERF are taking some last photos as a memory. (mehr von D-ASTA)
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LY-VEF Awaiting further work before being scrapped parked alongside 2-MNBF A321 (mehr von LY-VEF)
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D-ASTA D-ASTA, D-ASTS keep D-AWBB company. You can see three planes of two insovent airlines. (mehr von D-ASTA)
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G-VBZZ A look at the 'Upper Class Suite' on board Queen Bee (mehr von G-VBZZ)
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OE-IHC ex Shaheen Air AP-BNM / Turkish Airlines TC-JLP / Atlasjet TC-OGV (mehr von OE-IHC)
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OE-LOA Slowing down rwy 23 L as last landing of the day (mehr von OE-LOA)
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C-FKBX landing on skis some 200 km away from Novo Airbase nejoying the beautiful landscape of Antarctica. Thanks to all involved for a perfect weekend. (mehr von C-FKBX)