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9N-AKK With 4 aircrafts already standing on the apron, my flight from Kathmandu to Lukla did a 180� trun at the end of the runway where we then disembarked. The other passengers for the return flight where already waiting next to the runway. That's Nepal ! (mehr von 9N-AKK)
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A6-EDF Obviously a little mishap of EK turning into the wrong way to takeoff. A/c stopped and remained in this position for app. 30 minutes until pushed back on the taxiways centerline. After that it took off normally. Easyjet EZY 5508 OE-LQI to TXL got stuck behind it. In the meantime the outbounds took the unusal rwy 23 R. Sorry for lower quality of this quite unique shot. (mehr von A6-EDF)
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160563 Royal Thai Air Force Museum - great addition from the Thai Navy (mehr von 160563)