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D-ABUI Perfect winter day with the snow covered "Grosser Feldberg" in the back. Final for Runway 25C. (mehr von D-ABUI)
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N796FT Manufactured on August 26, 1969. Delivery date was October 3, 1969 to Flying Tigers. Built as DC-8-63CF in 1969, cvt'd to DC-8-73(F) freighter in May 1984. Other serials - PP-BEX with BETA Cargo - delivered on October 30, 2004, and also N796FT with Flying Tigers, Rosenbalm Aviation, & Air-India Cargo - leased in August 1981 thru November 1982. Wears FN 796 with Flying Tigers. Temporary storage at MZJ on January 4, 2001. Stored at LIM in March 2011 as PP-BEX (mehr von N796FT)
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UR-09307 the mighty AN-22 Antei lining up for a cargo flight to IST (mehr von UR-09307)
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SP-LRH Dreamliner's fourth visit with the purchase of personal protective equipment for medics in Poznan. Flight Lot LO7942 Guangzhou CAN- Nur Sultan (Astana) TSE - Poznan POZ - Warszawa WAW (mehr von SP-LRH)
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D-AZAQ c/n 9560. First A321neo for AirBlue whirling up some snow after arrival from RLG where it was parked before. (mehr von D-AZAQ)
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G-ZBLB new in db, first landing of an 787-10 in STR. Departure to London LHR (mehr von G-ZBLB)


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96+43 On display at the Luftwaffenmuseum. This Mi-24D carries its UV-32-57 rocket pods, but the GSh-30-2 twin-barrel gun is not displayed. The chin turret on the Mi-24D was replaced with the 30-mm starboard mount, with P designating pushka or cannon. It formerly belonged to the NVAs Kampfhubschraubergeschwader 5 (KHG-5) Adolf von Luetzow, which received 12 of the type at Basephol on Dec. 15, 1989. (mehr von 96+43)
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OO-ILJ Leonidas chocolate cls on a special fair charter (mehr von OO-ILJ)
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JA789A Finally, face to face to BB-8, may the Force be with you...Final Runway 25L. (mehr von JA789A)
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