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DDR-STG Looking great back in full Interflug colors! Looks like it is totally ready for its next flight, but will soon be moved to another corner of the airport to become a flying classroom. (mehr von DDR-STG)
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HP-1563CMP Departing from Panama City with a KLM 777 and Conviasa E190 on the ground (mehr von HP-1563CMP)
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View from the spotting hill at MUC's southern runway towards the control tower and Munich Airport Center!
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N700SV On delivery flight the first ATR-72 600 for Silver Airways. (mehr von N700SV)
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N38950 This UA B787-9 was delayed for over 12 hours, so I guess the sharp left turn after departure for SFO was warranted. One of the shots of the day! (mehr von N38950)
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B-9963 painted in "The 6th East Asian Games" special colours! (mehr von B-9963)