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45-0557 A referendum on whether to close Berlin's historic Tempelhof failed on April 27th. Preliminary results released by the Berlin state election authority showed that the majority of the 530,231 ballots cast were in favor of keeping the airport open. But they accounted for only 21.7 percent of the 2.4 million eligible voters. One-quarter was needed for the referendum to count. Especially the citizens around the "Zentralflughafen" voted with up to 78% for city-airport, while most of the "no"votes come from the former communist East Berlin. - So only half a year is left to visit Tempelhof before the airport would be closed by October 31st 2008. The former airlift veteran "Rosinenbomber", named Troop Carrier is now parked beside the Columbiadamm, near by the fence. (mehr von 45-0557)
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64-0550 KM25 slide scan, arrival of the first four C-130┤s for the 86th AW at Ramstein (mehr von 64-0550)
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88-0550 (AV) From 555th FS, lost over Serbia May 2, 1999. Suffered engine failure over Metic, Serbia. (mehr von 88-0550)
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J-055 Cap. Ralf Sheik " Ar┤ts " start in to the Session 2007 @ Volkel in the Wolken (mehr von J-055)
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3055 ex KLu and ready for delivery to the TuAF (mehr von 3055)
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