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B-1223 first picture of an Air China B737 Max; new reg to database (mehr von B-1223)
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1223 Taking off from Rwy 28 with all of its nationality markings taped over. (mehr von 1223)
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1223 Great anticipation for the arrival of this spectacular C17. Operated for the French Air Force during Operation "Serval" in Mali. Reason for the title of "United Arab Emirates Air Force" was covered. (mehr von 1223)
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N12238 CO 737-800 taxis for departure as a Cargolux 747-400F lifts off into the hazy Houston sky. (mehr von N12238)
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N12238 Bottom beacon gives a neat affect on this CO 738. [Canon EOS 300D + EF 70-200 f/4 L USM] (mehr von N12238)
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CP-1223 Nice surprise. Good to see 727-100 flying again to Sao Paulo. [Canon EOS 10D] (mehr von CP-1223)