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RP-C2803 (c/n 9430537) This particular aircraft was written off at Caticlan on 19JUL05 during a landing accident on the 900+ meter long runway. Interisland were using the aircraft registration as flight number at the time, thus ISL2803. (mehr von RP-C2803)
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B-28035 in the evenings many people come to watch the aircrafts land and takeoff at TSA airport, I also noticed many couples there...not sure why they chose this place as it is very poluted, crowded and noisy... (Nikon D70) (mehr von B-28035)
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RA-02803 [Canon EOS 30D; Canon 70-300mm IS] (mehr von RA-02803)
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5-2803 Assigned to Navy Patrol Squadron based at Bandar Abbas Air Field. Very rare visitior at MUC (mehr von 5-2803)
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