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5A-DII First photo after 3 years with a nice sunset. A very rare seen aircraft. (mehr von 5A-DII)
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5A-DII c/n 21540/1386. Seen from the spotters wall departing as LN145 to Tripoli (Libya) after a flight to Malta. Nice non stage 3 sound. Possibly the only country besides Turkey that the Libyan 727's can be seen for spotting!! 5A-DIF, 5A-DIH and 5A-DIB are also operational. (mehr von 5A-DII)
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5A-DII c/n 21540/1386. LN144 is seen landing at Malta on a schedule flight from Tripoli (Libya). Sadly we soon don't see this type any more!! This a/c was hijacked in the 80s!! Luckily no one was injured. (mehr von 5A-DII)
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5A-DII C 21540/1386 LN145 is seen startingup its engine bound to Tripoli(Libya).This a/c was hijacked in the 80s and was forced to route to Malta.After negotiations the hijacked ended it up safely!After they was arrested they were deported to Libya!Who knows if they are still alive??50mm kodak 64 (mehr von 5A-DII)
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5A-DII c/n21540/1386 departing from Malta to Tripoli(Libya) with thks to Buddie.This B727 was hijacked at Malta in 1980s.Fortunately there were no loses!! (mehr von 5A-DII)