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54-1626 Prototype Spectre gunship that was converted under Project Gunship II at Wright-Patterson AFB. It carried four 20mm cannon and four 7.62mm multi-barrel guns, used in a 30-degree left bank at night. This AC-130 was sent to Nha Trang AFB in Vietnam on Sept. 21, 1967 for a 90-day test. Other Spectres of 16th SOS based at Ubon flew interdiction missions along the Ho Chi Ming Trail from 1968 onward, destroying many trucks. (mehr von 54-1626)
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N626BL On display at the Museum of Flight. Designed by Bill Lear, this prototype first flew on Dec. 32, 1980, as recorded officially so that British government funding expiring in 1980 could continue to be enjoyed. Only three aircraft were built and they are all on display in US museums. The Lear Fan was built of composite materials which revolutionized the field of aviation, had a Y-shaped empennage and the pusher propeller was powered by a pair of P&W Canada PT6B-35F turboshafts. (mehr von N626BL)