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61+12 inside view of the Atlantique, many thanks to the museum team (mehr von 61+12)
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Very colorful tower, which contrasts strongly with the desolate terminal.
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61+12 Great cockpit after a nice guided tour through the breguet. (mehr von 61+12)
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D-EEGS Jahnsdorf based zlin is seen here sitting at the ramp before the departure to another acrobatic flight over the airfield. New to the db. (mehr von D-EEGS)
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Altenburg tower with a very friendly air traffic controller. The airport is a very nice one and very appreciated to everybody.
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D-ECRH What a rare conversion! Rotax Cessna 152 from Coburg SteinrŁcken seen here resting at the ramp at Leipzig/Altenburg on a cloudy and sunny afternoon. This Cessna 152 got the new Rotax 912S with 100ps not long ago. It's one of just a few conversions of the 152. Brand new registration for the db. (mehr von D-ECRH)
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Arriving from Jena-SchŲngleina in D-EOIC Piper Archer 28 at Altenburg.