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SX-DIZ New greek start-up airline having its base at Thessaloniki Makedonia airport seen at Athens operating for Olympic Airlines.Previous operators were Thai Airways as HS-TBM in 1992 and Jersey European/British European Airways/Flybe as G-JEBE. (mehr von SX-DIZ)
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N3755P Not an ordinary civil C-130 ! Make a search in the internet to see for whom this plane is actualy operated..... Taken from my house with 800mm (400mm plus 2x converter). Thanks Evi for the alert ! ! ! (mehr von N3755P)
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SX-CMA New greek airline started operations late last month on the Athens-Alexandroupolis route.Former FlyBe G-EMBH. (mehr von SX-CMA)
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OE-LBP The first revenue flight for the Austrian retro jet A320 was the Vienna-Athens schedule on 28-3-2008.This time the same flight taxies to rwy 21L for departure. (mehr von OE-LBP)
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EC-IOO Rocketing from rwy 03R this rare -300 series 747 ! (mehr von EC-IOO)
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SX-CMA Athens Airways has recently started domestic routes in Greece. First pic on pp. (mehr von SX-CMA)
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N198DN Delta flight 133 under right bank after departure from rwy 03R according to PIKAD 2J S.I.D. (mehr von N198DN)
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SX-DFA Same arcraft, same destination same departure runway and same captain as in photo ID: 806278 ! But in much better wheather conditions ! (mehr von SX-DFA)
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SU-GBJ Short final rwy 03L for flight MS747 from Cairo which seems to be oparated by every aircraft type in Egyptair fleet ! First time in PPnet with the third and latest livery 'worn' by this B737-500! Short final rwy 03L. (mehr von SU-GBJ)
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YU-ANP Operating the night flght (438/439) of JAT this classic 737 is one of the last -200's registered in Europe! Due to bad weather at Belgrade the return delayed, so I had the oportunity to take a picture during daylight. First flew in 5 June 1987, also one of the last -200's of the production line ! (mehr von YU-ANP)
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SX-DFA Olympic Airlines flight 411 to New York JFK at initial climb after departure from rwy 03R under the control of captain Michalis Zafiris ! At the backcground is the city of Spata. (mehr von SX-DFA)
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SU-GBM Nice to see again these rare and short body A340's ! ! Departing for Cairo from rwy 21L. (mehr von SU-GBM)
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EC-JHD Great classic 747 on taxing after landing on rwy 21R. (mehr von EC-JHD)
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SX-ECI c/n 750-0262. ex N262CX. The new calibrator aircraft of Hellenic C.A.A. on final rwy 03R. First time at PPnet ! (mehr von SX-ECI)
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89-1191 AMC Charleston. Not an every day sight in Athens! This is the fifth production C-17 and one of the six aircraft that participated in extensive flight testing and evaluation at Edwards AFB. (mehr von 89-1191)
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SX-TIE One of the four Hellenic Imperial Airways 747's placed on the rarely used taxyway Z.Former Lufthansa aircraft D-ABZE delivered on 12-11-1986.Later registrations EC-IUA, 5T-AUE and SX-DIE (mehr von SX-TIE)
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SX-BIB Short final rwy 03L for Olympic Airlines flight 807 Ioannina(IOA). (mehr von SX-BIB)
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F-GFKJ First time in Athens.Air France celebrates the 75th anniversary.It seems to me that A320 series lines realy fits with all the airlines' retro c/s! ! ! (mehr von F-GFKJ)
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C-FTBZ c/n 2068. Built in 2008. Strange visitor in ATH during ferry flight. Anybody has more details for this aircraft ? (mehr von C-FTBZ)
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SX-BEM The last A300 in Olympic Airlines two months before retirment. Now just a memory ! (mehr von SX-BEM)
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LZ-BTZ The awesome lines of the Tu-154 are clearly depicted from this angle of view ! (mehr von LZ-BTZ)