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RA-42365 Great early morning light illuminates this Yak-42.The shadow of an ATR42 can be seen as foreground. (mehr von RA-42365)
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EK-65072 This was the first ramp shot I took with my new digital SLR. I guess I was lucky ! ! ! (mehr von EK-65072)
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RA-85709 Thank you Atlant-Soyuz bringing the Tu-154 back to Athens ! ! ! (mehr von RA-85709)
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RA-85709 Taxing for departure to Vnukovo Airport as AYZ336 a flight introduced last week. Thank you Atlant-Soyuz bringing the Tu-154 back to Athens ! ! ! (mehr von RA-85709)
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EI-UPI Iluminated by the golden light of the seting sun this Alitalia MD-11(F) taxies for departure from rwy 03L. (mehr von EI-UPI)
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EI-UPI The graceful looks of the MD-11 inherited by the DC-10 ! ! ! (mehr von EI-UPI)
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73-1683 Super classic airliner in immaculate condition ! (mehr von 73-1683)
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EC-KHU Air Comet flight 1001 from Madrid on final rwy 21R. (mehr von EC-KHU)
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SX-DFA Olympic Airlines flight 412 from New York JFK on short finals rwy 03R with the very nice backdrop of Hymittus (Imitos) mountain. (mehr von SX-DFA)
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SX-BMD 'New' B737-400 for being prepared to enter service soon.Strangely the registration comes from Macedonian Airlines sequence! Former Asiana, Varig, JPATS aircraft.First photo in the net. (mehr von SX-BMD)
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TC-OAZ One of the best hybrids of the year out in the open ! (mehr von TC-OAZ)
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TC-OAZ Ready for flight again, the hybrid Saudia-Olympic-Onur is parked on the south apron of ATH! Seen once in a lifetime! (mehr von TC-OAZ)
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TC-OAZ A very rare and exciting hybrid being prepared for delivery to Onur Air. Basic c/s of Olympic Airlines, titles and logos of Saudia and Onur Air registration.Ex SX-BEM, this A300 has to fly since December 2007! First photo on the net. (mehr von TC-OAZ)