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VT-ABA Taxiing out for an early departure at NSCBIA to a regional destination. It looks like an obstacle course for the pilots as all sorts of equipment surround the flight line on a wet monsoon morning. Over 20 years old and still going strong, this aircraft was built in Feb. 1995 and served with several airlines in Spain, France and Honduras before joining Alliance Air in Feb. 2003. From Sept. 2007 it is part of Air India Regional, which flew seven ATR 42-320s in all. (mehr von VT-ABA)
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N313CG A very strange visitor resting at general aviation apron at UIO. It arrived that day from Bogot� with a stopover at Guayaquil, the following morning this ATR flew back to Bogot�. This same aircraft was spotted at Guayaquil in July 2015. (mehr von N313CG)
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HA-KAN c/n 121. Built in 1988 and delivered to NFD as D-BEEE. Ex LZ-FAB (mehr von HA-KAN)
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OY-JRJ Charterflight from and to Esbjerg (mehr von OY-JRJ)


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