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3B-NBN "Ile aux Aigrettes" on short final for Rwy 14 at SSRIA in the morning. The aircraft is named after the islet off the south-east coast of Mauritius which serves as a nature reserve containing rare plants and animals. (mehr von 3B-NBN)
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I-ADLT Just about to touch down on Rwy 16, arriving on a Lufthansa flight from Munich. Later became PK-KSC with KalStar Aviation in Indonesia. Stored at Kemble in 2017 and scrapped there in 2018. (mehr von I-ADLT)
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EC-JQL Approaching Rwy 03L on an inter-island flight. Converted to a freighter for Canary Fly in 2020. Back with ATR as F-HETR as of 2023. (mehr von EC-JQL)
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EC-KGJ Approaching Rwy 03L on an inter-island flight. Became 5T-CSD of Global Aviation in Mauritania in 2023. (mehr von EC-KGJ)


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ES-NTC Flight NYX580C from Katowice. (mehr von ES-NTC)
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SE-MDA VBY-BMA (mehr von SE-MDA)