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G-CONC After 17 years on display at Heathrow this 40% scale model has been donated to Brooklands Museum for display. It arrived here by road in the early hours on 30th March. (mehr von G-CONC)
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F-B*** A classic shot, rare to get and never to be repeated again.... Concorde and the Kai Tak checkerboard! [Kodachrome 64 Slide] (mehr von F-B***)
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F-BTSD I flew on F-BTSD on a supersonic flight from Paris CDG to MAN back in 1991 so it was good to see her close up again this time from the viewing park. (mehr von F-BTSD)
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G-AXDN Rear section of the aircraft has been fitted with about 16 seats (mehr von G-AXDN)
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G-BOAC - Hoepfully if my shot get accepted in the database this will be my 1.000th shot on planepictures.net. Thanks to the screeners for screening my pictures and everyone that like to views them! Often to see but absolutely the pride of aviation for ever "The Concorde Experience" in Manchester! (mehr von G-BOAC)
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F-BVFC This Concorde was doing a fly-by at a this small grass airfield during an air-show (mehr von F-BVFC)
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F-BVFB Approach in heavy rain with nice vortex for static display at airshow "50 years Airport Zurich" the next day. (mehr von F-BVFB)
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F-BVFB Ready for returnflight to CDG after static display during "50 years Airport Zurich" event. (mehr von F-BVFB)
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F-BVFB Face to face! Static display during "50 years Airport Zurich" event. (mehr von F-BVFB)