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N703TT At the end of a 10-month lease to Air Algerie, N703TT made a brief technical stop at Dusseldorf. A few moments after this picture was taken, the Air Algerie sticker was already removed (mehr von N703TT)
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N1419D sideslip to kill some height! Former registration of an American Airlines F100 which got damaged 2001 in DFW and therefore retired. (mehr von N1419D)
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N21WW c/n 27-7554066. ex N54754. Built in 1975. Taking off runway 28 of SJU. (mehr von N21WW)
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F-GSAC c/n 902. ex HB-FIJ. Built in 1993. This PC-6 parked on the "Aerosuperfice di Molinella" in the company of Short Skyvan registered OE-FDE waiting to start another session to launch paratroopers. (mehr von F-GSAC)
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F-GSAC c/n 902. ex HB-FIJ. Built in 1993. Welcome guest here in the "Aviosuperfice of Molinella" detachment "Aeroclub of Bologna" for just two days, this PC-6, for training pilots and paratroopers launch. (mehr von F-GSAC)
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N30PT c/n 421C0157. Built in 1976. New in the fleet of Air America (mehr von N30PT)