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F-HPJJ maintenance at DRS (mehr von F-HPJJ)
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F-BGNX The interior has also been restored and is now open for public viewing. One half of the cabin shows the seating arrangement and the other half shows the bare shell and insulation. This is the only surviving Comet 1 with the square windows remaining. (mehr von F-BGNX)
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F-BGNX De Havilland Museum. Arrived by road from Farnborough in 1985 and has been restored and repainted. Rather than paint the lower half silver it has been wrapped in a silver vinyl material which should see it last for many years to come. (mehr von F-BGNX)
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F-GRXL c/n 2938. Built in 2006. Sticker of "Paris Ville candidate Jeux Olympiques de 2024" (mehr von F-GRXL)