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CS-TMT leaving runway 34 after landing into taxiway Echo. (mehr von CS-TMT)
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CS-TMR (C/n 293B-1241 Former SE-DMF Del 0300) Due to an engine fire warning the crew made an emergency stop while attempting to taking off. Too much brake power was applied resulting in a blow-out of 8 tires leaving the aircraft stranded at runway exit. 10 Hours after the incident happened the aircraft was towed to the apron using 3 towing vehicles. (mehr von CS-TMR)
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CS-TQF Nice visitor at YUL seen here being refuel at Air Canada's base. (mehr von CS-TQF)
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CS-TQF [Canon EOS 300D, Canon 100-400L@400mm, ISO 100] (mehr von CS-TQF)
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CS-TQF Operating a flight for LTU to Punta Cana this morning. Unfortunately the weather was very bad as you can see.... (mehr von CS-TQF)
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CS-TMT operate for Ariana Afghan Airlines (mehr von CS-TMT)