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4L-AJB Vista Georgia has leased this aircraft (before with Malaysia, Jet Airways, British Airways, Air Midwest) to the East African carrier to keep operations running. The livery slightly changed compared to the Airbus operated before. (mehr von 4L-AJB)
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5H-MWH Delivered to Air Tanzania three months ago one of the few 320's flying to South Africa. (mehr von 5H-MWH)
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5H-MVZ as a highlight on finals, rwy 03R of ATH, due to delivery. (mehr von 5H-MVZ)
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ZS-JAS Air Tanzania's "new" F28 after domestic flight DAR-JRO (mehr von ZS-JAS)
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5H-MPT With Fokker test rego PH-EXC. This aircraft crashed on landing at Dar-es-Salaam 31-01-1988 (mehr von 5H-MPT)
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5H-TCA B737-300 AIR TANZANIA use Athens airport for fuel stop, heading for C check in Europe. (mehr von 5H-TCA)