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B-HOV Shortly after departure from HND, the Captain announced "Ladies and Gentlemen, if you are sitting on the right hand side you will get a lovely view of Mount Fuji. However, I will keep the seatbelt sign on as you can sometime get turbulence when flying past the mountain". As soon as he turned the seatbelt sign off, I rushed to the No.2 starboard door, and managed a lovely photo. Happy? You bet! (mehr von B-HOV)
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HS-TJF Business Class, enroute BKK-SIN. (mehr von HS-TJF)
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Downwind into BKK with a great view of the airport after a long sector LHR-BKK on TG917
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9V-SWH Economy Class, enroute HKG-SIN (mehr von 9V-SWH)
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9V-SYG The new Singapore Airlines Business Class cabin for regional routes. Very comfortable. Pictured before departure with the magazines being offered (mehr von 9V-SYG)
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N840UP HOW LOW CAN YOU GO??? My goodness, I was having a look through my old slides, came across this crazy low landing at Kai Tak and thought, this one has to be uploaded! Good thing it's a cargo plane, and not full of pax! (mehr von N840UP)
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9V-SKH Always variety at LAX; Virgin Atlantic, Air New Zealand, Hawaiian, KLM, Aeromexico, Sun Country and of course......the Singapore Airlines A380 (mehr von 9V-SKH)
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9V-SGC It is very rare that one can get this type of photo. I was on a photography assignment when a huge storm swept into Changi Airport. Normally in these weather conditions it is time to pack up and head home. But when you are on assignment, you have to wait it out. Suddenly out of the pouring rain came SQ22 bound for EWR with the rain bucketing down! I clcked, and here is the result. What a moment! (mehr von 9V-SGC)
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Busy morning in Singapore
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F-OSUN A very lucky catch. Two South Pacific visitors, carrying striped shades of blue and black come together for a photo opportunity at LAX (mehr von F-OSUN)