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9V-SFE Another busy afternoon for the Cargo Centre - this aircraft was closely followed by an Eva Air MD11. (mehr von 9V-SFE)
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HL7495 This passenger aircraft followed a Korean Air Cargo B747 in from the far east. (mehr von HL7495)
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D-ACPQ These regional jets are becoming ever more common at Heathrow: this time in Star Alliance livery. (mehr von D-ACPQ)
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HB-IJQ Close up of another arrival from Switzerland, this time with the underside navigation beacon lighting up the underside of the starboard engine cowling. (mehr von HB-IJQ)
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PP-VQF This aircraft seemed to excite a plane spotter who'd travelled all the way from New Zealand. (mehr von PP-VQF)
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4X-EBS On final for 27L and still in the old colour scheme. (mehr von 4X-EBS)
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EI-DAN At holding point R1 in the early morning rush as a company 737 is cleared for take off. (mehr von EI-DAN)
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G-VTOP Virginia Plain sails in over the perimeter road. (mehr von G-VTOP)
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G-BYGA on very short final for Heathrow's 27R passes the approach lights. (mehr von G-BYGA)
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G-EUUK Approaching Heathrow's 09L after making an Ockham2B arrival from Lisbon (mehr von G-EUUK)
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A company 767 lines up ahead of us for an intersection departure at Heathrow's 09R on a hazy winter's morning
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CS-TQE This 320 sits at the runway holding point on a balmy day in the Portuguese capital awaiting line up clearance. (mehr von CS-TQE)
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TF-ATD 7am, after an early morning storm, this 747 has just been cleared to stand 38 via taxiways Romeo, Kilo and Kilo-Alpha. (mehr von TF-ATD)
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G-MONR Found a new photo spot at Gatwick on my travels, right at the touchdown zone of Runway 26L. Following an inbound Monarch on a routine runway inspection. (mehr von G-MONR)
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N184DN Another Delta 767 arrival vacates 26L at the "Fox-Romeo" high speed exit. (mehr von N184DN)
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N1607B Having held on "Alpha Sierra" for several minutes, this 767 finally gets permission to line up on Runway 26L. (mehr von N1607B)
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G-JEAM Still in the British European livery, this 146 basks in the late afternoon sun on a remote stand. (mehr von G-JEAM)
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Kemble Aerodrome as viewed from Cessna 172 G-WACY at around 1000ft QFE. Note the Indian Airlines A300, the pair of former Canada 3000 A310s and US registered Skyservice DC10.
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TF-ATN Despite shedding many of their own 747-200s, Virgin continues to lease the type from Air Atlanta Icelandic (mehr von TF-ATN)
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PH-BXH Mid-afternoon arrival on 09L from Amsterdam Schiphol (mehr von PH-BXH)
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A6-EMT Emirates' second arrival of the day turned out to be this -300 series (mehr von A6-EMT)
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G-VGAL One of Virgin's five 747s based at Gatwick prepares to leave the satellite and take the long taxy to the runway (mehr von G-VGAL)
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G-BNWZ on pushback for its second flight of the day, having arrived two hours previously from London Heathrow (mehr von G-BNWZ)