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ES-NOI Yeah! This one is really rare!! Aircraft is leased from Enimex and one of altogether 6 russian birds we got today. Hope this summer will get better soon and the cargo traffic will grow again. Great bird! (mehr von ES-NOI)
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ES-NOB with additional UNO-215 number. White bird against blue sky, like the peace symbol... (mehr von ES-NOB)
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TL-ADF (cn 47136013) Seen departing back to Tripoli(Mitiga) is (LAF8302) in Central African register and the 2nd to be noted at Malta.Very rare sight and is wearing similar clrs to An124 5A-DKL.The aircraft was noted also at Ras AL-Kaymah in the UAE for maintenance a few months ago!! (mehr von TL-ADF)
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TL-ADF (cn 47136013) Operating with Libyan Airforce as (LAF8302) From Tripoli(Mitiga) is seen finals rwy32.Was noted at Ras AL-Kaymah a few months ago in all white clrs.It is the 2nd one to be noted after 3C-QTA! (mehr von TL-ADF)
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3C-QTA An72 departing from Malta to Tripoli(Mitiga).1st time noted at Malta and operated on behalf of LibyanAF as(LAF8208).Wearing similar clrs to An124 5A-DKL. (mehr von 3C-QTA)
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