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UR-82060 The world's largest plane, Antonov An-225 Mriya. Making a one-off appearence into KUL before heading to it's final destination, Perth! It is transporting a huge generator from Kiev to Perth. ADB3610 inbound from HYD! (mehr von UR-82060)
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UR-82072 One of the many 'ADB AN124' paid us a visit today. (mehr von UR-82072)
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UR-82007 Line up RWY 03 before Ferry Flight ADB138F to LEJ. (mehr von UR-82007)
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UR-09307 The first flight after 7 years of a parking, meet in new clothes at the different airports of the world soon! (mehr von UR-09307)
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UR-82060 full cockpit view taken from "door" perspective... 6 seats and lots of manual work, pretty impressive... (mehr von UR-82060)