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PH-KXM new colours for this Arik Air Fokker 50, a nice look indeed (mehr von PH-KXM)
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F-WJKH c/n 910. Sorry for bad weather! First of two ordered A340-500 by the Nigerian airline. To be leased to Hi Fly as CS-TFW. (mehr von F-WJKH)
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5N-JEA Perfect light conditions. While I was standing in the rain, the clouds gave a short break to the sun. (mehr von 5N-JEA)
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5N-JEC short visit for a Maintenance Check in Cologne (mehr von 5N-JEC)
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5N-JMB c/n 258659 nice surprise (mehr von 5N-JMB)
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PH-LMT First F50 for this airliner (mehr von PH-LMT)
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PH-DMZ cn. 582. New aircraft for Arik Air, Ex. Air Nostrum. (Canon EOS 400D). (mehr von PH-DMZ)
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5N-JEB Unfortunately I saw this highlight in Cologne without a ray of sunshine (mehr von 5N-JEB)
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N354UA New aircraft for Arik Air parked at eastern end of airfield.Ex United Airlines.New reg to be 5N-MJB. Waiting for delivery. (mehr von N354UA)
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N354UA New repainted aircraft for Arik Air.Ex United Airlines.New reg to be 5N-MJB.Parked at eastern end of airfield waiting for delivery. (mehr von N354UA)