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JA01XJ Taxiing out at Haneda for a morning departure as JL905 to Naha. (mehr von JA01XJ)
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9V-SHP Afternoon departure from CSMIA as SQ421 bound for Changi. (mehr von 9V-SHP)
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VT-IJO On short final for Rwy 19L at NSCBIA on a nice day. (mehr von VT-IJO)
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OH-LWH Afternoon arrival at Haneda as AY61 from Helsinki. (mehr von OH-LWH)
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JA11XJ Morning arrival at Haneda as JL504 from Sapporo. (mehr von JA11XJ)
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JA701J Taxiing out for departure in the morning as JL313 to Fukuoka. At over 20 years, this is the oldest B777 in JAL’s fleet. (mehr von JA701J)
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N10BD Hanging from the ceiling in Concourse C at DEN, this Learjet belonging to Bill Daniels holds the FAI eastbound world speed record in the C-1f Class by flying around the world on 14 Feb 1996 in 49hrs, 21m, 8s at an average speed of 752.53 km/h. Crewed by Mark E. Calkins, former astronaut Charles “Pete” Conrad, Daniel Miller and Paul Thayer, the flight started and ended at Denver, covering St. Kitts, Cape Verde, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Varanasi in India, the Philippines, Russia and Alaska en route. (mehr von N10BD)
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VT-TNX Climbing out of CSMIA as UK960 bound for DEL. (mehr von VT-TNX)
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VT-ATD Red Knight ready for departure on a monsoon evening at IGIA T-3 as I5-857 bound for Bengaluru. This aircraft was newly delivered to AirAsia India on 20 Oct 2020 as AirAsia India’s first Neo. (mehr von VT-ATD)
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16+26 On display at the Luftwaffenmuseum. Designed by Hans Wocke, these forward-swept wing aircraft were powered by General Electric CJ610 turbojet engines. Apart from VIP transports, the Luftwaffe took Hansa Jets on charge for ECM training from October 1976 and these remained on strength till 1994. The first ECM Hansa Jet went to Fernmelde-Lehr-und Versuchsregiment 6 (FmLVsuRgt 61). Others went to one squadron of Jagdbombergeschwader 32 (JaboG 32), of which the emblem can be seen on the tail. (mehr von 16+26)
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4K-BCI Rare visitor operating as AZG1141 from GYD on short final at NSCBIA in the afternoon. This B747 of 21 years is one of twelve in the Silk Way West Airlines fleet. (mehr von 4K-BCI)
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SB219 Rocket sled turning on a dime over Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh in the evening light. Wg Cdr Abhinav Singh moves the Flanker around at low level during the Full Dress Rehearsal for IAF’s 90th Air Force Day. (mehr von SB219)


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VT-TGE Skimming the last bits of the white layer before heading into the grey during the afternoon descent to CSMIA on UK772 in the hands of Capt. S. Karnik. This is one of five B737s currently operating with Vistara that used to be VT-JFL operated by Jet Airways. (mehr von VT-TGE)
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VT-IMV Departure at high noon into Mumbai’s blue September skies as IndiGo’s brand new A321 heads to Mangalore as 6E5399. Built as an A321-251NX, this aircraft is equipped with CFMI LEAP-1A32 engines, as opposed to some IndiGo A321s modified to 252NX with LEAP-1A30 engines. Successor to the CFM56-5 series, these offer 15% improvement in fuel efficiency with their 18 Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) blades. The aircraft was delivered on 16 Sept 2022. (mehr von VT-IMV)
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D-CDLH "Berlin-Tempelhof" taxiing in at Flying Legends 2011. Floatplane D-AQUI was named "Fritz Simon" and after ace "Kurt Wintgens". The Ju-52 was used all over Europe and Asia and was the flagship for Deutsche Lufthansa, which bought them by the dozen. It could carry 17 passengers or three tons of freight. Most of Lufthansa’s fleet was requisitioned during World War II. Despite the desperate situation, Lufthansa continued flying till the end of the war, operating Ju-52/3m D-AFFF into Flensburg on 5 May 1945. (mehr von D-CDLH)
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VT-AXU A tale of contrasts at Cochin International Airport. The starboard side of the colourful tail of this Air India Express depicts women performing the lively Garba dance. (mehr von VT-AXU)
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VT-ATH Evening pushback at IGIA T-3 as I5-857 bound for Bengaluru. (mehr von VT-ATH)
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VT-TGG Late afternoon departure at CSMIA. This aircraft formerly flew as VT-JFS with Jet Airways till it was withdrawn from use in March 2019, joining the Vistara fleet five months later. (mehr von VT-TGG)
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VT-JSI Jindal Steel Panther TMT bars jet with its panther logo on the nose on the apron at IGIA on a summer evening. (mehr von VT-JSI)
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ZG477 On display at RAFM Cosford. This Harrier was built as a GR.7 in 1990. It took part in policing the No-fly Zone in Iraq, joined No. 1(F) Sqn. during Kosovo campaign and took part in the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Upgraded to a GR.7A with a 106 kN RR Pegasus Mk.107 engine, it was further upgraded to a GR.9A in 2004. In 2008-09 it served in Afghanistan for CAS, mostly over Helmand Valley. This Harrier embarked HMS Ark Royal as "Jedi 1" for her final cruise. It flew the final RAF Harrier flight on 15 Dec 2010. (mehr von ZG477)
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VT-ALS "Mizoram", named after India’s 23rd state at the gate at IGIA T-3 on a winter afternoon. (mehr von VT-ALS)
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76-8693 On display at JASDF Hamamatsu Kohokan. This Starfighter wears the blue and yellow “V” marking of 5th Kokutai. The aircraft was operated by 204 Hikotai based at Nyutabaru, which was the third and final F-104J unit to be formed in 1964. (mehr von 76-8693)
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G-BVEZ Taxiing in after its display at the Cotswold Airshow 2011. The aircraft was built at Luton and delivered to the RAF in 1961, serving with RAF College, Cranwell. It went into storage in 1966 and was converted in 1976 to T.3A status, after which it joined 1FTS till it was retired in 1993. Sold into civilian hands, it has been performing on the airshow circuit. Below the cockpit is the emblem of RAF Linton-on-Ouse. (mehr von G-BVEZ)
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RF398 On display at RAFM Cosford. Designed to replace the Lancaster as a long range bomber, the Lincoln was intended to operate in the Pacific with Tiger Force. However, it was too late to see service in WW2 by the time VJ Day occurred. Thereafter, the Lincoln equipped 29 RAF squadrons and a number of flights and schools. One was shot down by MiG-15s over Germany in 1953. This aircraft with its Royal Blue spinners is from Bomber Command Bombing School (BCBS) during 1957-60. It was struck off charge in 1963. (mehr von RF398)