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44-83735 B-17G-95-DL on display at the American Air Museum Duxford. Now carries its true identity 44-83735 on the fin and no nose art (following its 2011/2012 restoration), but was formerly painted as 42-31983 'Mary Alice'. (mehr von 44-83735)
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329 Rafale 104-1D from SAL.56 'Scarabée Egyptien' of EC 3/30 Lorraine operating out of base aérienne 104 Al Dhafra on the flight line at Aero India 2015. (mehr von 329)
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ZF4603 On static display at Aero India 2015, wearing a new splinter camouflage. (mehr von ZF4603)
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X4590 Battle of Britain veteran that flew with No. 609 Sqn. RAF. Credited with a half kill for shooting down a Ju-88A-5 on 21 Oct. 1940. On display at RAF Museum Hendon. (mehr von X4590)
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L8756 Former RCAF aircraft that was used as an air gunnery trainer. Rebuilt to represent a Blenheim from No. 139 Sqn. RAF. On display at RAF Museum Hendon. (mehr von L8756)
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DD931 Rebuilt from parts of several RAAF aircraft, including those found at Tadji airstrip, Papua New Guinea. Externally, this Beaufort represents a Mk. IIA torpedo bomber and minelayer serving with No. 42 Sqn. RAF. On display at RAF Museum Hendon. (mehr von DD931)
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494083 RI+JK thought to have been built as a D-5 ground-attack variant, later changed to a G-2 with two 37mm BK 3,7/Flak 18 anti-tank cannon attachment points under the wings. Captured in Germany in May 1945, this G-2 was earmarked early on for museum display purposes. (mehr von 494083)
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701152 Built and delivered to the Luftwaffe in 1944 as an H-20 variant to carry 16 paratroopers, with wing racks for supply containers. Captured in May 1945, this He-111 missed the boat to be sent to the USA for evaluation. It was ferried to England and later marked for preservation. Assigned Stammkennzeichen or factory radio code NT+SL. (mehr von 701152)
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SB404 On static display on Day 2 at Aero India 2015. (mehr von SB404)
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EI-UNV Morning arrival of seasonal flight UN889 from Vnukovo over rwy 14 at Plaisance. (mehr von EI-UNV)
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CB-8010 Coming down the runway at Yelahanka to take off at the end of the flying displays on Day 1 at Aero India 2015. (mehr von CB-8010)
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F-GITD AF464 from CDG approaching rwy 14 at Plaisance. (mehr von F-GITD)
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D-ABUK DE2315 lined up on rwy 14 at Plaisance for a morning departure to Frankfurt. (mehr von D-ABUK)
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SU-286 Flying over the 3500-year old Medinet Habu in Luxor, just after dawn breaks over Nile's east bank. (mehr von SU-286)
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SU-297 Ready for ascent across Hatshepsut's temple and the Valley of the Kings at Luxor., Egypt. (mehr von SU-297)
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VT-EPB Taxiing out for departure on a winter's day from IGIA T-3. (mehr von VT-EPB)
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VT-PPQ Pushing back for departure on a winter's day at IGIA T-3. (mehr von VT-PPQ)
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VT-EDE Taxiing in to IGIA T-3 on a winter's day. (mehr von VT-EDE)
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1190 White 4 of 4./JG 26 ‘Schlageter’ crash-landed in Sussex on Sept. 30, 1940 during the Battle of Britain. Flown by Uffz. Horst Perez from Marquise-Est, the Emil is thought to be a Bf-109E-4/N. The aircraft was earlier assigned to II./JG26 Gruppenkommandeur Karl Ebbighausen, whose 5 victory bars were on the port fin. This aircraft was taken on tour in 1941 to Canada and the USA. (mehr von 1190)
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KA+1-52 Replica on display at the Luftwaffenmuseum. The emblem on the nose is from 2./Schleppgruppe 2. (mehr von KA+1-52)
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4101 Built at Erla Maschinenwerk in Leipzig in Sept. 1940. This E-4/B served briefly with 6./JG 52 before passing on to 2./JG 51. Black 12 was field modified as a fighter-bomber and was flown in that role on Nov. 27, 1940 by Lt. Wolfgang Teumer when it was bounced by Spitfires from No. 66. Sqn. and crash-landed at Manston airfield. The captured Emil was used for demonstration flights to RAF units. Now displayed in the RAF Museum wearing the emblem of 1./JG 51. (mehr von 4101)
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D-4037 On display at the Luftwaffenmuseum. Designed by Deutsche Forschungsanstalt für Segelflug for use by the Flieger-Hitlerjugend and Nationalsozialistisches Fliegerkorps (NSFK) towards forming future Luftwaffe pilots. Successful training on the SG-38 would result in an ‘A’ gliding proficiency certificate. (mehr von D-4037)
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577 On display at the Luftwaffenmuseum. This MiG-23MF was part of the NVA's Jagdfliegergeschwader 9 'Heinrich Rau' based at Peenemünde. (mehr von 577)
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1008 On display at RNAS Yeovilton Air Day 2013. (mehr von 1008)