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155529 On display at IWM Duxford in the colours of VF-74 operating from USS America during the Vietnam War. (mehr von 155529)
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E265 On display at IAF Museum Palam. This Ajeet bears the crest of No. 2 Sqn. 'Winged Arrows' on the port side, one of the operators of the Ajeet from 1983 to 1991. (mehr von E265)
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A6-EMV Approaching rwy 14 at Plaisance under monochrome skies. (mehr von A6-EMV)
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A6-EMS Approaching rwy 14 at Plaisance. (mehr von A6-EMS)
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ZE887 On display at RAF Museum Hendon. This Tornado served with a number of Squadrons, and participated in the First Gulf War. It wears the tail code 'GF' representing the No. 43 (Fighter) Sqn. motto 'Gloria Finis', being assigned to the Sqn. CO. (mehr von ZE887)
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L5343 On display at RAF Museum Hendon. This aircraft has been painstakingly reconstructed from remains of L5343 that had crashed in Iceland, and from L5340 disposed of by the RCAF. (mehr von L5343)
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44-83735 B-17G-95-DL on display at the American Air Museum Duxford. Now carries its true identity 44-83735 on the fin and no nose art (following its 2011/2012 restoration), but was formerly painted as 42-31983 'Mary Alice'. (mehr von 44-83735)
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329 Rafale 104-1D from SAL.56 'Scarabťe Egyptien' of EC 3/30 Lorraine operating out of base aťrienne 104 Al Dhafra on the flight line at Aero India 2015. (mehr von 329)
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ZF4603 On static display at Aero India 2015, wearing a new splinter camouflage. (mehr von ZF4603)
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X4590 Battle of Britain veteran that flew with No. 609 Sqn. RAF. Credited with a half kill for shooting down a Ju-88A-5 on 21 Oct. 1940. On display at RAF Museum Hendon. (mehr von X4590)
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L8756 Former RCAF aircraft that was used as an air gunnery trainer. Rebuilt to represent a Blenheim from No. 139 Sqn. RAF. On display at RAF Museum Hendon. (mehr von L8756)
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DD931 Rebuilt from parts of several RAAF aircraft, including those found at Tadji airstrip, Papua New Guinea. Externally, this Beaufort represents a Mk. IIA torpedo bomber and minelayer serving with No. 42 Sqn. RAF. On display at RAF Museum Hendon. (mehr von DD931)
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494083 RI+JK thought to have been built as a D-5 ground-attack variant, later changed to a G-2 with two 37mm BK 3,7/Flak 18 anti-tank cannon attachment points under the wings. Captured in Germany in May 1945, this G-2 was earmarked early on for museum display purposes. (mehr von 494083)
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701152 Built and delivered to the Luftwaffe in 1944 as an H-20 variant to carry 16 paratroopers, with wing racks for supply containers. Captured in May 1945, this He-111 missed the boat to be sent to the USA for evaluation. It was ferried to England and later marked for preservation. Assigned Stammkennzeichen or factory radio code NT+SL. (mehr von 701152)
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SB404 On static display on Day 2 at Aero India 2015. (mehr von SB404)
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EI-UNV Morning arrival of seasonal flight UN889 from Vnukovo over rwy 14 at Plaisance. (mehr von EI-UNV)
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CB-8010 Coming down the runway at Yelahanka to take off at the end of the flying displays on Day 1 at Aero India 2015. (mehr von CB-8010)
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F-GITD AF464 from CDG approaching rwy 14 at Plaisance. (mehr von F-GITD)
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D-ABUK DE2315 lined up on rwy 14 at Plaisance for a morning departure to Frankfurt. (mehr von D-ABUK)
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SU-286 Flying over the 3500-year old Medinet Habu in Luxor, just after dawn breaks over Nile's east bank. (mehr von SU-286)
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SU-297 Ready for ascent across Hatshepsut's temple and the Valley of the Kings at Luxor., Egypt. (mehr von SU-297)