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SP-LPE The newest 'Star Alliance' logojet in the LOT fleet. Also first LOT 767 in Star Alliance livery. Ex Varig PP-VOK. Taxiing for RWY 33 few minutes before storm. (mehr von SP-LPE)
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61-2672 (OF) Huge amounts of heat come out of the engines as she is departing RWY 33. Engines were screaming extremely loud! (mehr von 61-2672)
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SP-KSA Performing spectacular low approach. (mehr von SP-KSA)
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RA-85649 For me it is always a pleasure to spot that plane! Departing to Moscow SVO. (mehr von RA-85649)
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EW-65754 Kicking out incredible amounts of smoke. I have an opportunity to experience it quite often. Ready for departure to Minsk. (mehr von EW-65754)
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4X-EKA 'Tiberias' waiting for departure back to TLV. Note El Al security checking ground staff precisely. I'm wondering what is he looking for??? (mehr von 4X-EKA)