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G-WEFX c/nE3379. Airbus SE (Toulouse Blagnac) has acquired its first ARJ-100 following the purchase of an ex-Cello Aviation (CLJ, Birmingham Int'l) machine, G-ILLR (msn E3379). According to Skyliner Aviation, the 18-year-old quadjet was re-registered as G-WEFX ahead of its ferry flight to Cranfield where it will be used as a hybrid electric-drive test-vehicle from 2020. (mehr von G-WEFX)
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RP-C8961 New airlines for Philippine Airspace - Royal Air Charter Service (mehr von RP-C8961)
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SE-DSZ Face to face with one of my favourite aircraft. It is a great pleasure to see the Jumbolinos flying in a regular civil service. Operating a charter flight to Malmo and Gothenburg (SCW14P). (mehr von SE-DSZ)
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CC-ARN Built in 1996 and used by Crossair. In service for Aerovias DAP since 2016. New in database. (mehr von CC-ARN)
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SE-RJI This Jumbolino has completed a flight from Gothenburg via Malmo to Linz and is now preparing for departure back to GOT (SCW15P). (mehr von SE-RJI)
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SE-DSS Typical nose down attitude on approach (mehr von SE-DSS)