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N802MR On final approach runway 8, in the background the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner (mehr von N802MR)
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N787FT The first real highlight at BQN in 2011! Boeing 005 Experimental Heavy taxing to RWY 8 for departure to El Alto Int'l airport. And continue his special test flights in the South America climate! (mehr von N787FT)
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N68053 Quad shot with the view of the B787 parked in the ramp ready to depart today! (mehr von N68053)
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N787FT Front details of the Dreamliner. Gotta love the engines... (mehr von N787FT)
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N787FT Its 5:12pm and the "Dreamliner" set ground on Puertorican soil for the first time ever. Never imagined that this marvelous piece of engineering would come to my homeland so early and with factory colors. This aircraft came here to make flight performance testing in humid tropical weather at sea level. Couple of days later it departed to La Paz, Bolivia for the high-altitude testing. Highlight of 2011 aviation in Puerto Rico! (mehr von N787FT)
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N787FT ZA005 arriving for the first time at Aguadilla, Puerto Rico after completing a test flight., Making history at BQN. (mehr von N787FT)
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N787FT Her second day of flight test in the Caribbean, ZA005 on final approach to Runway 8 at Aguadilla. (mehr von N787FT)
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N787FT This Boeing 787 taxis to the ramp with a view of the old control tower at Aguadilla Ramey Air Force Base ( USAF) - a historic moment for Puerto Rican aviation. (mehr von N787FT)
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N787FT Tremendous surprise visit of the most advanced Boeing aircraft arriving at Aguadilla after a test flight. I look at the picture and I still cannot believe that this aircraft called at one of the airports in my beloved land of Puerto Rico. (mehr von N787FT)