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A9C-HHH (not sure) Gulf of Bahrain on apron 6 infront of LHT waiting for it's return- flight clearence. On a fucky dull and cloudy evening I HATE this weather!! Note the birds above the hangar in the background. (mehr von A9C-HHH)
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A9C-BA So rare to catch ! i can't let it go without taking some pics ! (mehr von A9C-BA)
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A9C-BAH c/n 1353. ex N353GA and (N555KC ntu). At stand 11B from Bahrain. Then to Seville. (mehr von A9C-BAH)
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A9C-HHH. Going back to his owner that day, somewhere in Arabia. I was inside, puuuhhhh, money is all you need! (mehr von A9C-HHH)