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YA-GAF C/n 19177. Arrived January 1997 @OST. Scrapped there in June 2004 after parking with no further flight. Acc. reliable source this a/c carried 600! pax during Yugoslaw war on an evacuation flight in July 1991!! Scan from paperprint-negative. (mehr von YA-GAF)
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YA-GAF A long time ago. 2004 came the scrapman...sadly. KR-64-slidescan.. (mehr von YA-GAF)
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Early 1980's
PP-VLL The aircraft landed in Florianopolis island bringing supplies to the flood in the city of Blumenau in Santa Catarina state. Scanned picture. (mehr von PP-VLL)
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YA-GAF Afghan registration, Varig colours, Uganda title! :-) (mehr von YA-GAF)
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5X-UCM Film scan. Was later the famous longterm resident YA-GAF @ ost for many years before scrapped in June 2004. There are reports that this a/c carried up to 500 refugees during Bosnian war! (mehr von 5X-UCM)
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PT-WUS Great to see this 40years old beauty still alive, but a cleaning would be great for her! (mehr von PT-WUS)
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