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N289MT "Voodoo One - Experimental" approaches RWY 24R. (mehr von N289MT)
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HZ-SND Landing on runway 10 prior to be painted in all white for storage and scrap in the USA. (mehr von HZ-SND)
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HZ-SND Arriving from Bahrain for painting all white prior ferry to USA for storage. This may probably be the last flight of a Boeing 727 at Dublin Airport. (mehr von HZ-SND)
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N289MT Not the usual 727. This Voodoo 1 an ex American Airlines N710AA 727-200 which is now used by Raytheon for test flights. It has the nose from an F15 fighter Jet mounted and on the side I was told a Radar system. (mehr von N289MT)
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N289MT very much hoped to see an active B727 at LAX this year. But this one is indeed special... Approaching LAX for a 10 min stop as Voodoo 001 (mehr von N289MT)