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YU-AKL This JAT- Boeing 727-200adv.had been leased together with sistership YU-AKK from May 1983 until June 1986 to Air Afrique. She is seen here at Lohausen with additional sticker "Universiade ī87"- Official Carrier/Zagreb Yugoslavia (World University Games), operating a flight for JAT/Jugair. (mehr von YU-AKL)
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YU-AKK Small "leased by Skyjet" titles reveals that this Belgian company, created in 1990, became active. After using a couple of DC-10s the game was over in 2001. (mehr von YU-AKK)
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YU-AKK C/n22665/1786 ex:TS-JEA is seen arrival on a scheduled flight Belgrade/Tunis-Malta.The airline still operated the last 2 B727s also YU-AKI which carries full livery of West.African!! (mehr von YU-AKK)