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D-ABCE "Landshut" MSN 20254 ex PT-MTB from storage at Fortaleza (mehr von D-ABCE)
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OM-RAN rare 737-200 pic at DRS (mehr von OM-RAN)
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D-ABCE The history of this a/c, the former Landshut, was unlucky. It was hijacked by Palestinian terrorists 1977 and it ended in Mogadishu, the a/c was stormed by the German special force GSG-9. All passengers were free but pilot J�rgen Schumann was murdered by a terrorist "Mahmud". R.I.P. J�rgen Schumann. Kodachrome-25-slidescan. (mehr von D-ABCE)
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D-ABFT Another unsual Lufthansa colourscheme, a grey underside instead of silver or metal on this B.737-200, leased for 8 months in 1988 from subsidiary Condor. (mehr von D-ABFT)
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D-ABHX Another experimental c/s worn for one year by this B.737-200 leased from subsidiary Condor in `82/`83. Other operators of this aircraft were Air Portugal, Ryanair and Adam Air (Indonesia). (mehr von D-ABHX)
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YV380T Here's the new blue livery of Rutaca. (mehr von YV380T)
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D-ABHD The second B.737-230 of Condor, photographed from outside, in the bare metal colourscheme, an experiment to find out whether with lower air resistance and lower weight fuel could be saved. Sadly D-ABHD crashed on approach to Izmir on January, 2nd in 1988. (mehr von D-ABHD)
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D-ABHD This B.737-230, leased from Condor in the winter season 1982/83, carried an experimental colourscheme. On the starboard side an additional blue cabin stripe was applied. D-ABHD crashed during a flight from Stuttgart, approaching Izmir on January 2nd. 1988. (mehr von D-ABHD)