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PH-ROC Good bye! This Boeing 737-200 from Lufthansa Technical Training was sold to the Netherlands. It will continue to be used for technical training. Former N768KM, LV-LEB and PH-ROC. The last one is a self-made registration and not an official registration. (mehr von PH-ROC)
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Cockpit of this old beauty. Sadly won't fly again and being instead dismantled for transportation to its new owner due to the high insurance cost.
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Former N768KM and LV-LEB (built in 1973) and maintenance trainer by Lufthansa Technical Training in Erfurt as well. Is now exposed for the Erfurt Air Show and will be soon disassembled for transportation to the Netherlands marking a sad end of a great era!
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This aircraft was parked at the apron due some APU-tests and engine run ups.
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View of the throttle of this old aircraft. In background you can see the very good sustained panel. Only the right artificial horizon is missing.
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The exposure was taken within 30s. Many thanks for the kindly cooperation!
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Good old 737-200 ex LV-LEB ex N768KM [CANON EOS500D+CANON EF 17-85mm IS USM]
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Good old 737-200 ex LV-LEB ex N768KM [CANON EOS500D+CANON EF 17-85mm IS USM]
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N768KM This good old B737-287 ex LV-LEB is now with Lufthansa Technik [CANON EOS350D+CANON EF 28-90mm] (mehr von N768KM)