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N674UP In December 1984 this B.747-123F, originally buildt for American Airlines as an pax airliner, was delivered to UPS as one of their first widebodies. In 2003 N674UP was withdrawn from service and parked at Roswell, New Mexico. (mehr von N674UP)
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N671UP Another UPS flight arrives in CGN. Deliverd in 1971 to AA as N9671, then to Flying Tigers as N802FT. Bought by UPS in 1984 and broken up in 2003. Scan from slide. (mehr von N671UP)
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N717CK This one brought an engine for a damaged US Airbus A330. (mehr von N717CK)
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N672UP - still gracing the skies after more than 35 yrs of service. This flight originating from the U.S. continued later on that day to Kln. (mehr von N672UP)
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N717CK Boeing 747-123(SF) of Kalitta Air seen here on final Rwy 23L - a few seconds after touch down! What a sight.... with lots of smoke! (mehr von N717CK)
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N672UP its rare to see an UPS Jet on this parking position ; greetings to all CGN-Spotters ; [Panasonic FZ-7] (mehr von N672UP)