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TC-TRK The gorgeous Turkey Government B747-8ZV (BBJ) This was the one jet that I dreamed of catching in my recent trip to IST, my dream cam true! [ (mehr von TC-TRK)
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VQ-BSK The only 747-8 based in the UK at Bournemouth Airport. A very rare aircraft indeed. It flies about twice a month and spends the rest of the time tucked away in its hangar. (mehr von VQ-BSK)
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VQ-BSK At the time is this the biggest bizjet on the world. (mehr von VQ-BSK)
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VQ-BSK No words to describe this beauty during taxiing under the evening light. (mehr von VQ-BSK)
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VQ-BSK Victor Sierra Kilo taking-off rwy 15 with 50% power on the way to ZRH after 4 days at Basel. (mehr von VQ-BSK)
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VQ-BSK Taxiing towards Rwy16 for take-off to Phoenix-SkyHarbor. (mehr von VQ-BSK)