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G-APFL Only 3 of the 37 Boeing 707 series -400 built with Rolls-Royce Conway 508 turbofan engines have survived. G-APFL seen here in front of the old DUS terminal is now used as a restaurant in the Aero Beach Club near Entebbe airport. The other two B.707-400 are currently still present in Hamburg and Berlin (mehr von G-APFL)
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AP-AXG very welcome visitor - making a lot of spotters on the fence happy (mehr von AP-AXG)
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N7572A Seven American Airlines B.707 are waiting for their further use in Marana in the spring of 1981. N7572A ended her career a few months later after a short transfer flight to Davis Monthan AFB as a spare parts plane for the USAF KC-135E conversion program (mehr von N7572A)
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N7509A One of the first B.707s to be built, line number 16, flew for Air Berlin USA in the 1980 summer season. After being returned to American Airlines in autumn, she was sold to the USAF for the KC-135R conversion program and finally scrapped at the Davis-Monthan AFB (mehr von N7509A)
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B-2416 After a 19 year career with CAAC and Air China, B-2416 was sold to the Israeli Air Force in 1993, first modified to a tanker, a KC-707, and in 2005 again into a EC-707 Re'em, registered as 264. By the way - the name addition Re'em means unicorn (mehr von B-2416)
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N428PA Jet Clipper Star of Hope lived up to its name when this B.707, in service for Korean Air, registered as HL7429, deviated significantly from course on April 20, 1978 on flight KE902 from Paris to Anchorage and entered Russian airspace near Murmansk. An air-to-air missile shot by an SU-15 hit the left wing, causing the Korean Air crew to make an emergency landing on a frozen lake (mehr von N428PA)


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OD-AGU Taken from the old visitors terrace on Terminal1. Scan from Paperprint. (mehr von OD-AGU)
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1001 WEF 2002, Kodachrome 64 slidescan, no better light possible. (mehr von 1001)
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D-ABOD The fate of the Hamburg Airport B707-430, ex LH D-ABOD is finally sealed, as the owner Hamburg Airport will definitely want to scrap the machine in the next few days, because the maintenance costs can no longer be borne or want. A shame! Here is a picture from Hamburg Airport Days. (mehr von D-ABOD)
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