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N977AT F/O Michael Meline gives a wave on this fine day at "The BUF!" (mehr von N977AT)
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N944AT Ship 705 after powering back from gate 6 bound for ATL. (mehr von N944AT)
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N944AT For whatever reason, this a/c was powered back instead of being pushed back! Note the single engine prop doing a touch-and-go takeoff in the background! (mehr von N944AT)
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N954AT STEP BACK! It's FL's 2nd a/c REpainted in the new livery at "The BUF"! Second day back from paint in MIA! (mehr von N954AT)
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N948AT A brand new coat on an older bird at BUF - How sweet (and I'm not talking about the snow either)! Used a bucket and 4 coins as a tripod to compose this shot - a trick I learned from fellow pp.net photographer (and co-worker) Marty McGuire! (mehr von N948AT)
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N948AT AirTran's first 717 to be repainted in the new livery...SWEET :) (mehr von N948AT)
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N959AT Had I been sitting at home with a cup of holiday cheer watching this snowfall of biblical perportion I would have said "Wow! look at it come down!" Unfortunatly I was at work dealing with a closed airport and my 2:55pm departure, departing at 11:07pm (mehr von N959AT)
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N994AT Just a shade off center, but still lookin' good for a head-on confrontation! Break out the helmets and shoulder pads, and lets get a football game going! (mehr von N994AT)
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N964AT Used an AirTran baggage cart as a tripod for this shot! A fresh coating of rain adds some shine to the ground! (mehr von N964AT)