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9M-MQE View of Mt. Santubong after airborne from RWY07. (mehr von 9M-MQE)
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9M-MQE Back-tracking RWY07 for departure. On the left isKuching Int'l terminal building. (mehr von 9M-MQE)
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9M-MQE Shine from heaven as we climbed out from RWY07. (mehr von 9M-MQE)
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9M-MMV Tail shot of Mike Victor at Bay 6. (mehr von 9M-MMV)
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9M-MQD in the back another AirAsia 733 (9M-AAC) and a Malaysia 734 (9M-MMY) (mehr von 9M-MQD)
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9M-MMY (msn:26455/del:93-08-12) Weather was not pleasant as -MMY is starting its second CFM56-3C1 engines after pushback... (mehr von 9M-MMY)
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About to land on rwy 22, landing was hard as Capt. Ong obviously did not flare and vertical speed was high. You can see the Bayan Lepas Industrial Zone, DELL's factory is on the left and AMD's behind (not in pic)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #69882 / 93 Aufrufe
(msn:26464/del:92-08-04) You can see PEN's control tower here as -MMD pulls to the gate... Behind the tower is a C172 hangar of Tanjong Flying Club
Email Autor Korrektur ID #69881 / 119 Aufrufe
9M-MMD (msn:26464/del:92-08-04) If you look closely, you could see a rainbow under the wings... The skies just cleared after some rain and at this point we encountered some turbulence... I love turbulences! (mehr von 9M-MMD)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #69880 / 68 Aufrufe
9M-MMB Just arrived late with its passengers already waiting for the next flight. It was the festive seasons hence flights were added and this B734 was late due to the turnaround at somewhere else. Rain just stoped... (mehr von 9M-MMB)
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9M-MMD (c/n 26464/2340 del 08/92)Still climbing out of KUL airport on her way to HO CHI MINH CITY (Saigon) as MH 750. Flying past some clouds which could pose some trouble when flying through. (mehr von 9M-MMD)
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9M-MMM Landing on runway 20R. Neat reg number! (mehr von 9M-MMM)