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N76508 Landing at Rwy9,notice the other United B737 landing at Rwy12 (mehr von N76508)
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N76516 c/n 37096. What a highlight ! First time in SJU for Me, 'Eco-Skies' departing as United 1518 to EWR. After a divertion from PUJ, for refueling. (mehr von N76516)
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N37290 First picture in the new UNITED-colours (mehr von N37290)
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N26232 Finally, for once she is delayed and this gave me a chance to photograph her in the day instead in the dark/night! CO99 from EWR via HKG is seen here taxiing to her gate A11. My first time sighting this bird as well. Lovely scheme. (mehr von N26232)