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4X-EKU New 737-800 for El Al from - arrived 4/03/2013. Ex. Austrian OE-LNT (mehr von 4X-EKU)
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OE-LNK Two eras are coming to an end - after 28 years of successful operation in Austria, the last commercial passenger 737 is being retired. This is also marking the end in the history of Lauda Air, as "November Kilo" was the last aircraft in the Austrian Airlines fleet to wear the beautiful Lauda livery. Picture taken during a little farewell ceremony, prior to a technical acceptance flight. You will be missed Austrian / Lauda Boeing 737! (mehr von OE-LNK)
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G-GDFR ex Austrian OE-LNQ (mehr von G-GDFR)
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OE-LNT In the background a further star Alliance aircraft from United Airlines.This 757 could not fly back to Newark due of the hurricane Sandy! OE-LNT fly now for EL AL as 4X-EKU. (mehr von OE-LNT)
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OE-LNR built in 2005 - delivered to Lauda Air - to fly with Travel Service in the future (mehr von OE-LNR)
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OE-LNP on the way to the threshold of rwy 33 with the very last sunrays of this day. (mehr von OE-LNP)
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OE-LNS fly now for AeroMexico as N342AM. (mehr von OE-LNS)
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OE-LNT > 4X-EKU. Last flight with OE- Registration (mehr von OE-LNT)
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OE-LNT > 4X-EKU. Built in 2006. Initially delivered to Lauda Air. (mehr von OE-LNT)
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N342AM very rare sight in Europe! ex Austrian OE-LNS (mehr von N342AM)
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OE-LNS "Geschriebenstein" approaches RWY 03L. (mehr von OE-LNS)
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OE-LNS Still as OE-LNS even with parts of the new registration already on the nose gear cowling. Ex Austrian 737-800 to be delivered to Aeromexico shortly (mehr von OE-LNS)
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OE-LNS built in 2005 - initially delivered to Lauda Air - this former Austrian Boeing 737 is now leaving the fleet to become N342AM with AeroMexico (mehr von OE-LNS)
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