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N140UA Aircrafts departure on its last flight to Ardmore OK where it was scrapped in january 1998. (mehr von N140UA)
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VP-BAT maintenance visitor for Lufthansa Technik, seen arriving on RWY23 (mehr von VP-BAT)


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V8-AC1 this aircraft was later sold to Bahrain Royal Flight as A9C-HHH, re-registrated as A9C-HMH, now with Las Vegas Sands Corp. as VQ-BMS. Scanned paperprint, exact date of shot unknown, first shot in db (mehr von V8-AC1)
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VP-BAT A very rare sight for HAM and there was only sun during she rolled to the parking position and during the touch-down. (mehr von VP-BAT)
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VP-BAT due to unaivalability of the noise protection hall the tests after an engine change had to be made on the threshold of runway 15 which was unoperational for two hours (mehr von VP-BAT)
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VP-BAT Fantastic aircraft in wonderful light over rwy. 15 (mehr von VP-BAT)
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VP-BAT came from BOH for an A-check, one of the highlights this year (mehr von VP-BAT)