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N747NA From frozen Hamburg-Fuhlsbuettel, final 14L. So luck spotters. (mehr von N747NA)
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N747NA My first picture of 2021: One of only 4 remaining, active and iconic 747 SPs! (mehr von N747NA)


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N531PA 'Clipper Freedom' was the second of a total of 10 SP-Jumbos ordered by and built for Pan American World Airways, which from 1976 were mainly used on the Pan Am Pacific routes. In February 1986 all Boeing 747SPs, six Lockheed L1011-500s and the Pacific route rights were sold to United Airlines (mehr von N531PA)
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V8-AC1 Delivered as N540PA on 11/05/1979 to Pan Am. To United Airlines N149UA on 12/02/1986 then Tajik Air 01/12/1993. Onto Various registration with the Brunei Govt on 30/08/1995, V8-JBB, V8-JP1, V8-AC1. To the Bahrain Ameri Flight as A9C-HHH 24/12/1998 and A9C-HMH on 17/11/2002. Finally to VQ-BMS on 01/08/2008 and still in service with Las Vegas Sands (mehr von V8-AC1)
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