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VP-BAS Final Approach Rwy 36C (mehr von VP-BAS)
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VP-BLV Final Approach Rwy 36C (mehr von VP-BLV)
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G-OOBF undergoing some maintenance after emergency landing in the night before. (mehr von G-OOBF)
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VP-BLT New member in UTair fleet! c/n 28174/965 (mehr von VP-BLT)
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N176CA I just love the 757, such an elegant design! National is coming in shortly before sunset with the evening sun illuminating it nicely. The engines cowls have been replaced by spares... (mehr von N176CA)
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March 2013
N176CA Pity the don't use the DC-8s anymore, still a highlight for me! Seen coming in during the sunset hours. (mehr von N176CA)
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G-OOBA c/n 32446. New decoration for Boeing 757 Thomson Airways. (mehr von G-OOBA)