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N306AA Pulling on to the gate as AAL1361 from IAD. In the background are N7520A, N419AA, and N849AS the "Stone Mountain" CRJ. (mehr von N306AA)
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N315AA AAL1994 from SFO. That is the "A" terminal in the background and the large structure with yellow on it is one of the "people mover" transfer stations being built. (mehr von N315AA)
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N319AA climbing out from 9L as AAL 1262 to JFK. Trying out a new Minolta Scan Dual 2, and finally got to MIA, where the sun only came out a few times all day. Enough for a sunburn though! (mehr von N319AA)
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N332AA wing as dusk approaches (mehr von N332AA)
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N317AA ferried in as 9525 from ORD, to be used as equipment for AAL947 to LIM (mehr von N317AA)
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N315AA Southbound as AAL367 to SFO while TWA B767-3Y0ER leaves the ramp via spot 23 and B757-223 N684AA is coming in from SFO as AAL1426 (mehr von N315AA)
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N315AA taxiing towards the ramp exit spot as flaps and slats are extended to takeoff configuration. Flt AAL367 to SFO (mehr von N315AA)