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9V-SQF Cn: 28512/126 Gone! Probably my most travelled Singapore Airlines B777-200. 9V-SQF spent a lot of time on the SIN-CGK-SIN route, which I used frequently, being one of the oldest B772 in the fleet and still carrying the old seating configuration. But it seems now this frame is history, obviously taken out of serivce and I would guess (not confimed) likely to be broken up. Farewell 9V-SQF. Must say that this scheme actually looks quite smart! (mehr von 9V-SQF)
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9V-SRK A humid morning with the right conditions is a good morning (mehr von 9V-SRK)
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9V-OTE Challenging conditions, but the results were worth it! (mehr von 9V-OTE)
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CS-TFM first B777 at PAD taking off to Calgary! (mehr von CS-TFM)
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9V-SVN Departing back to Singapur from Runway 36R. Note the Rainbow-Condensations over the wing, and the looong shadow! (mehr von 9V-SVN)