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Air to air with a Delta 777. Many thanks to Fabian Engel for editing!
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N709DN My first view of Africa was awesome. After nearly 15 hours in the air we are just an hour away from Johannesburg. On board Delta flight # 200 from Atlanta... (mehr von N709DN)
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N706DN I have to admit that I underestimated the takeoff roll of this Delta Boeing 777-200LR as it was rotating very early resulting in a nice backdrop for pictures. You can see a part of the Delta terminal at Los Angeles Airport (mehr von N706DN)
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N709DN This is how an airplane looks inside after nearly 16 hours in the air! Can you notice the pax in front of me with the cigarette in his left ear? Guess he was ready to smoke some after clearing customs at Jo'burg! (mehr von N709DN)
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N701DN Delta’s first new Boeing delivery in six years to be dedicated to airline’s employees, named ‘The Delta Spirit’ (mehr von N701DN)
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N709DN DL281 NRT-->SIN (mehr von N709DN)