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B-16702 a cold, rainy and stormy day in Los Angeles is not what you would normally expect and you'll hate while shooting during daytime but when it comes to nightshooting the wet conditions add to the scene... This nice EVA B777-300ER with special t/s seen here on the LAX ramp shortly after arriving from TPE waiting for a free gate at the International terminal. Dedicated to Jorge and Ann! (mehr von B-16702)
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B-16708 Finally Vienna got the B77W now regulary! (mehr von B-16708)
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B-16707 Being towed from stand E26 to RWY 14R/32L during snowfall [FZ-7] (mehr von B-16707)
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B-16712 Very nice special due to bad weather in London. Photo made without tripod and 1/15 sec, because the plane was still taxiing. (mehr von B-16712)
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B-16707 Sorry for the covered gear, but it was the only chance to get this shot (mehr von B-16707)
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B-16712 c/n 33755/735. Short final to RWY 09L at 7:05 p.m. (mehr von B-16712)
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B-16707 9V on short final for runway 27R with dark clouds in the background. (mehr von B-16707)
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